Best GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin WordPress | Comparison Between The Best

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Best GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin WordPress | Comparison Between The Best

Transparency and honesty are essential components of any business. In summary, GDPR assists you in staying on the correct track when it comes to handling user data.

Noncompliance with GDPR can result in fines of up to 20 million euros, so you get the picture.

It’s important to note that using a GDPR compliance plugin does not guarantee 100 percent compliance. This is because each website is distinct and processes data differently. However, having such a tool might make your compliance journey much easier.

Here are some of the best WordPress cookie consent plugins that you can use right now. These best cookie consent WordPress plugins help you to move closer to GDPR compliance. Also, you may get your visitors’ permission to accept or reject cookies on your site by using these plugins.

It’s critical if you have a store or website that caters to European Union customers. So you could be sued or fined if you don’t.

It’s preferable to use a cookie consent plugin and collect the users’ data safely to avoid any negative consequences.

1.   GDPR Cookie Consent – Best Cookie Consent Plugin WordPress

One of the best WordPress cookie consent plugins for making your website GDPR and CCPA compliant is GDPR Cookie Consent. The main advantage of this cookie consent plugin is that it allows you to add a cookie notice to your website that is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

GDPR Cookie Consent is more than just another random notice that readers may disregard. Also, it allows you to tailor your cookie notice to fit your website.

While users are interacting with your website, the plugin automatically displays a cookie notification with Accept or Reject options. It displays this option in the form of a modest cookie banner for them to pick from. Hence for efficient and painless cookie management, you may automate cookie scanning and third-party cookie banning on your website.

Finally, it allows you to enable the ‘Do not sell my personal information’ control in your cookie notice. CCPA requires this information.



This WordPress cookie plugin’s core version is available for free download from the WordPress repository. For a single site, the premium edition costs $17 per year.

2. Complianz

Complianz is another feature-rich WordPress cookie plugin that makes complying with the GDPR a breeze. The plugin allows you to customize a cookie notice for your specific location, such as

Other than this it also allows users to utilize a global Cookie Notice.

With this plugin, you may show a cookie banner with Accept/Dismiss buttons and ask for consent-based on categories. You have a variety of customizable cookie notice templates to select from, as well as unique CSS.

Periodic cookie scans are performed, and third-party cookies such as those from Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, AdSense, Recaptcha, Twitter, ActiveCampaign, and others are blocked. The plugin also allows you to build a cookie policy from start using a simple wizard. This simple wizard is created by a legal firm specializing in IT.

The cookie plugin analyses whether a cookie notice is required based on the location of your website visitors. This location allows you to display cookie notices just to EU citizens. Due to its advanced features, this plugin is one of the best GDPR cookie consent plugins in WordPress.

Top Features


The Compliant WordPress cookie notification plugin’s core version is completely free. You must pay $45 for a single site if you want to trial the premium version.

3. WordPress Real Cookie Banner Plugin

Although the WordPress Real Cookie Banner plugin has fewer active installations than the other cookie compliance plugins on this list. It is a fantastic alternative to WordPress’s best cookie consent plugin in terms of features and user-friendliness.

Unlike other cookie consent plugins, which only acquire consent for cookies, this cookie plugin also obtains consent for additional types of personal data. They provided guided settings with easy-to-understand explanations straight after the plugin installation to make the plugin beginner-friendly.



Enjoy some features of the WordPress cookie real banner plugin for free. But you may find it difficult to use some advanced features with a free version.  So to have access to more accurate and advanced features, you need to pay 49 €per year.

4.   CookieYes

CookieYes by WebToffee, on the other hand, assists you in making your site GDPR compliant. And with the “accept” and “reject” options in a bar, you can enable a WordPress cookie plugin.

You can change the appearance of the cookie consent bar. Apart from that, you can choose how many options you wish to give your user. You may also choose whether to display your cookie consent bar as a banner or a sticky popup, as well as where to put it. Also, the customization choices are available to match the theme of your website. For example, you can modify the color of the cookie bar, the message, and how the button appears to users. You can also modify the font, style, and positioning, among other things.

Top Features


For a limited time, you may use this powerful WordPress cookie plugin for free. Buy the premium version for $69/year for a single site if you want the premium features.

5. Borlabs Cookie Plugin

Borlabs Cookie plugin is well known for its extensive set of capabilities. It works with both (standard) WordPress installations and multisite WordPress setups. Bots and users with the “Do Not Track” header are identified by the plugin, which treats them according to the law and their requests. The only thing missing is a way to tell if a user is from the EU; non-EU users don’t normally require a cookie banner. However, only a few websites that cater to an international readership will find this fascinating.

The WordPress cookie banner or dialog’s adjustable layout is at the heart of the plugin. You may fine-tune how the banner should appear on your website with about 100 parameters. There’s a lot to be desired here. If you still have requests, you can address them with CSS, which comes packaged with the cookie banner. However, because you can’t see a live preview of the cookie banner while editing, we had to hit the F5 button 500 times to get Borlabs Cookie to work on our site. This was inconvenient, and Real Cookie Banner came up with a far better solution.




Borlab cookie plugin is only available to users if they purchase a license. There are three types of licenses available starting at €39.

Best GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin WordPress – Final Words

To stay relevant in the present era of severe data privacy rules, most of the best GDPR cookie consent WordPress plugins and their upgrades launched in 2020 attempt to be GDPR compliant.

Companies all over the world are slowly recognizing the change and want to give users the ability to select what happens with their data, even though it is tough at first.

Aside from avoiding expensive fines, you may also need to back up your website from time to time. This is to ensure that you have access to all of your important data at all times.

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