Borlabs Cookie WordPress Plugin Review | GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

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Borlabs Cookie WordPress Plugin Review | GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

Despite the fact that the GDPR went into effect in 2018, many WordPress users are still having trouble. They find it hard to comply with the regulations of WordPress. The impending ePrivacy Regulation, on the other hand, gives us every incentive to stay focused on this critical topic. And allows us to secure our compliance. Thus the fact that WordPress now offers a variety of extremely useful plugins to assist us to comply with the GDPR and ePrivacy Regulations is fantastic. The idea is perfect for us as website operators.

The European Court of Justice determined cookie opt-ins to be a legally enforceable duty on July 29, 2019. As a website owner, the question should not be whether you need to use a cookie banner. But rather how you can put one in place to comply with the applicable data protection rules. So in the Data Protection Generator Blog, lawyer Dr. Thomas Schwenke provides additional information on the ECJ ruling (only available in German).

Borlabs Cookie Plugin – Overview

Who Is Borlabs?

Borlabs is a technology firm based in Germany. The firm creates eCommerce platform products as well as fully-customized WordPress and e-commerce systems.

They’ve been creating premium WordPress plugins since 2016. Since 2006, they have been developing specialized tools to help their clients improve their processes, including APIs for ERPs and PSPs.

GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin

Borlabs cookie plugin is a simple GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress. This cookie plugin lets you opt-in to cookies including retargeting cookies like Google AdSense. JavaScript is enabled, and the cookie is only delivered once your visitor confirms their acceptance of the cookie notification.

Borlabs Cookie Datenschutzerklärung (Data Protection)

While it appears that certain countries throughout the world have put certain aspects of privacy legislation on hold. Still, this will not be the case for long.

Furthermore, given the increasing relevance of user data privacy over time, publishers should endeavor to be excellent stewards.  Borlabs also offers a no-subscription-service solution for WordPress users. This offer is in the form of an easy-to-use plugin with a range of clever capabilities. This WordPress caching plugin also includes a year of free updates and one year of free support.

Borlabs Cookie Kosten (Costs & Pricing)

Borlab cookie plugin, like other WordPress plugins, is only available to users if they purchase a license. There are three types of licenses available. Hence users can select them based on their preferences and financial constraints. Even if the cost of 39 euros per website each year is a little high. But still, it is a smart investment.

 Borlabs is always trying to guarantee that the plugin conforms with European

Borlabs Cookie Kosten – Personal At €39

  • Supports 1 Website

Business – Medium At €99

  • Supports 5 Websites

Agency – Small At €199

  • 25 Websites

Agency At €299

  • Supports 99 Websites


Prices without tax

Unfortunately, Borlabs states the prices of its cookie solution without tax. For you, depending on the country, taxes may still apply.

Borlabs Cookie Einrichten (Setup)

Here is a complete guide about the borlabs cookie setup.

Borlabs Cookie Installieren (Install)

You must first install the Borlabs Cookie Plugin on your WordPress system before using it. To do so, go to your Borlabs account and download the plugin, which will be available following your purchase.

Chrome, Edge, and Firefox are some of the most popular browsers to finish

Save the zip file to your computer. Then upload this file to WordPress via the backend (Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin).


After downloading, the Safari browser files by default. To make file from the borlabs-cookie folder, right-click it and select Compress ‘borlabs-cookie.’

Borlabs Cookie Activation

You’ll find the Borlabs Cookie WordPress plugin under Settings > Borlabs Cookie after you’ve installed it. You only need two simple steps to get the plugin up and running:

Make sure to select the Activate Borlabs Cookie checkbox under the Settings > Status tab.

By adding the tracking ID(s) or JavaScript code into the proper fields under (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, other solutions), you can integrate some type of tracking. Some tracking options are Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other solutions. Third-party cookies or first-party cookies are the two cookie options.

The cookie selection box will appear when you visit the website if these steps were successful. Then, using the WordPress backend (Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin), upload the file.

GDPR WordPress Plugin – Dashboard

The dashboard’s statistics give you some extremely intriguing data. You can view how many times users have agreed to your cookie settings in this section. Also, it needs cookies for the website’s basic functionality.

A quick start tutorial is located under the statistics to assist you in becoming comfortable with the plugin. Additionally, the system status is presented on the dashboard. Also, it allows you to check whether the plugin is functioning properly at any time.

Borlabs Cookie General Setting

You can activate the Borlabs Cookie plugin. And then you may make other settings in the General Settings at the time of the activation of the cookies.

GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin – Cookie Settings

You can select whether the cookie box should be displayed on your website or not. You can also choose in which form it should be incorporated (HTML/JavaScript). And whether content should be blocked until the cookie settings have been accepted using the cookie box’s general options.

Borlabs Cookie Plugin – Top Features

GDPR Cookie Consent

Borlabs Cookie offers a proactive approach to consent management in light of GDPR. The widely utilized “opt-out” techniques are no longer permissible.

To activate cookies, the visitors must explicitly opt-in.

Cookie Group Management

Cookie Group Management allows you to control individual cookies within Cookie Groups. Publishers can then include a complete list in their Privacy Policy that includes details like name, duration, purpose, and origin. Make as many Cookie Groups and Cookies as you want. And also let your visitors choose which ones they want to accept. So here’s what it would look like if you were a user visiting a site that used the Borlabs Cookie WordPress plugin.

Support For Several Languages

Borlabs Cookie can be configured uniquely for each language when used in conjunction with the WordPress plugins WPML or Polylang. Borlabs Cookie is accessible in a variety of languages, including
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
All of the text that is presented to the visitor can be personalized.

Compatibility Of WordPress Caching Plugins

Borlabs Cookie was created with all WordPress caching plugins in mind for publishers that want speed and optimization. Thus simply turn it on and get started. Compatibility With Google Analytics, Adsense, Tag Manager, And Facebook Tags Borlabs Cookie comes pre-installed with all of the essential tracking codes for Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. Simply insert your tracking IDs, and when visitors opt-in, the required code reloads without requiring the entire page to reload.

Theme Compatibility With WordPress

Borlabs Cookie is compatible with all WordPress themes. For the tests, the following themes and PageBuilders were used:


Borlabs Cookie WordPress Plugin – Final Thoughts

Hence after this borlabs cookie WordPress plugin review, it’s proved that borlabs cookie is one of the greatest caching cookies. It allows you to handle GDPR and e-privacy solutions on the market right now.

As discussed, the plugin is only accessible in a paid version. But the extensive functionality and user-friendly interface make it a worthwhile investment.

To summarise, Borlabs Cookie provides a wide range of alternatives for meeting all existing GDPR. Not only GDPR but also the forthcoming ePrivacy Regulation.

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