Complianz WordPress Plugin Review | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent

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Complianz WordPress Plugin Review | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent

You may have noticed that all of the major players, including Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and YouTube, have already taken the necessary measures and made the necessary changes to their websites to comply with GDPR standards. Also, several websites on the internet have enabled cookie notice. But the conditions have grown in number, and some of them are difficult to meet.

So, to ensure that your WordPress website complies with GDPR rules, we present Complianz’s brand new GDPR plugin. So let’s find out more about it.

Complianz Plugin

The Complianz GDPR plugin is a full privacy bundle for your WordPress website that protects you from a variety of concerns that can develop as a result of missing cookie policies, legal documents, or other paperwork. Also, it aids in the creation of customized legal papers (disclaimer, privacy policy, cookie policy, data-leak report, processing agreement).

You may make your website GDPR compliant by including automated cookie detection, determining whether or not a cookie warning is required, integrating WP privacy features, selecting whether or not to include plugin statements in the cookie policy, and generating the privacy policy page. Thus the legal staff of ICTRecht of some of the industry’s largest corporations validates the documents prepared.

Complianz GDPR Privacy Bundle For WordPress – Pricing

Complianz plugin is a complete privacy management suite for WordPress, not simply a GDPR plugin. This plugin’s single domain license costs €99, while the same license for five domains costs €299. So you can contact them at any time to receive the best pricing if you are a reseller or an agency. The free version of this plugin, which includes a cookie warning feature, will be available soon.

Complianz WordPress – Free Vs Premium Version

WordPress Complianz – Free Version

The Complianz plugin’s free version provides:

Complianz Plugin – Premium Version

We recommend upgrading to a premium subscription if you want more features. This includes:


Fin more info on the comparison in the feature presentation of complianz

Setting Up WordPress Complianz

After completing your purchase, you need to install and activate this plugin.

For installing complianz plugin, you will get two things:

Access both these at  or by looking for purchase confirmation in your email.

In your account, you will find your license key by going to and clicking “View Details and Downloads.” file may be found further down, under “Products,” and is ready to be downloaded!

Installation Process

In your WordPress Dashboard, go to “plugins” and click “add new.”

Select the downloaded zip file from the “upload” menu.

Activation Process

Go to “Complianz” and follow the on-screen instructions.

Activating The License

After installation, please activate your license

Go to: Complianz > License and activate your license.

How To Add An Easy Cookie Compliance Opt-In Using Complianz Plugin

Complianz’s main selling point is that it claims to be able to recognize when you need to display a cookie consent form. By following these steps you can add cookie compliance.

  • The plugin asks you right away which privacy law or guideline you’d like to adopt as your default.
  • As a general guideline, you should adhere to the regulations that apply to the location where the majority of your users reside. Also you can use the CCPA if the majority of your audience is in the United States.
  • Complianz will ask for some identifying information if you want it to build a cookie policy for you. This contains information such as who owns the website, a physical address, and the country in which you operate it.
  • The plugin then asks if you want it to produce cookie and privacy policies for you or if you want it to redirect users to your pages.
  • Complianz will ask for some identifying information if you want it to build a cookie policy for you. This contains information such as who owns the website, a physical address, and the country in which you operate it.
  • Complianz will inquire if you gather website analytics and, if so, which service you use:
  • If you use a plugin like Google Analytics, the data you receive from your users, such as their IP addresses can be anonymized. However, keep in mind that there are alternative options for allowing consumers to opt-out of analytics collecting.

Plugin Will Determine If You Require A Cookie

Finally, based on all of the information you’ve provided, the plugin will determine if you require a cookie opt-in or notice. However, the majority of the time, the answer is yes.

  • Complianz will ask a few more questions concerning third-party services linked to your website, embedded social media material, and adverts at this point. Hence there’s even a setting here that lets you disable data gathering for WordPress comments.
  • The plugin will then confirm which cookies you are using and prompt you to add new pages to your site.
  • Here the plugin allows you to use a custom shortcode or block to add the policy. You may also click the option Create missing pages to create a new page right away.
  • Complianz will automatically produce and set up your cookie compliance opt-in once you’ve completed the configuration wizard.
  • As a user, you can select whether or not to accept cookies outright or what information your website can save. Hence if you wish to change the appearance of text of your cookie opt-in, go to the Complianz > Cookie Banner tab and make the changes.

Overall, using the configuration wizard to create a cookie opt-in takes only a few minutes. After that, you can customize the appearance and wording of your opt-in as much as you want.

Complianz GDPR Plugin’s Best Features

The Complianz GDPR plugin comes with several unique features. The following are a few of them:

Make A Legal Document

This plugin makes it simple to add legal papers to your website. You will get a complete dashboard where you may put up the legal documents as well as other documents. Simply answer the questions and tick the boxes next to the preconfigured cookies, and you’re done.

You can quickly establish a privacy policy page, configure cookie policies, make a disclaimer, and create as many third-party documents as you like. After you finish creating the document, go to the ‘Processing Agreements’ section to see if the documents you’ve generated have been confirmed.


Website Scan

This plugin maintains track of changes in plugins, scripts, and cookies because your site is always vulnerable to them. It evaluates your entire website and makes recommendations for modifications to the policies and agreements in place for website visitors. Thus its cookie database is updated regularly to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

Data Breach Inventories

What should you do if your database has been hacked or all of your data has been stolen? If you are unsure whether or not this incident occurred, you can utilize the Data Breach Inventory to find out. You can use the prepared document to notify those who are implicated if a severe data breach has occurred.

Cookie Banner

A fully adjustable cookie banner with themes for multiple areas and unique privacy rules in mind. To avoid information overload, we developed the banners to provide a simple and quick user experience while presenting the user with an unambiguous and useful banner. You can also build a cookie pop up with Elementor.

A/B Testing And Statistics

Track conversions in the Complianz Dashboard to improve your Cookie Notification.


Complianz WordPress Plugin Review | GDPR/CCPA Cookie Consent – Final Words

The GDPR plugin from Complianz is the answer to all of your problems. Also, it is critical to make your website GDPR compliant if you do not want to break rules that could hurt your website in specific countries. So it’s a time-consuming operation to do it manually. So, why not do it with the assistance of this plugin, which will make your life easier? Take a chance.

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