Divi Page Builder Plugin Review | WordPress Visual Page Builder

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Divi Page Builder Plugin Review | WordPress Visual Page Builder

The Divi page builder plugin isn’t your typical page builder. This plugin elevates the design process by providing a complete web design system. So it allows you to visually design every aspect of your website without relying on complicated third-party design applications (such as Photoshop or Sketch). As a result, the Divi builder WordPress plugin Theme (and the divi page builder plugin) will use more resources. Divi, on the other hand, does not have to be slow.

In reality, past updates to the Divi page builder have contributed a slew of speed improvements. These have helped Divi sites (and the Divi Builder) run faster than ever. Designers create a Divi builder plugin with third-party integration in mind. Many of the performance optimization plugins available for WordPress can also be utilized. The purpose is to improve the speed of your Divi website.

Divi Page Builder Plugin Review: An Impressive Drag-And-Drop Page Builder Plugin

Elegant Themes is one of the most popular WordPress theme stores. And its flagship theme, Divi, got a huge hit thanks to its drag-and-drop page builder.

It is, however, feasible to gain access to the same page builder functionality without having to use the Divi theme. With the release of the divi builder plugin, you can now use this powerful visual content editor on any WordPress website. However, you can’t use the theme!

This plugin may be just what you need if you want more control over the appearance of your WordPress website. Continue reading to learn more about what it has to offer and how simple it is to use.

Divi Page Builder Plugin: Pricing Options

You must join the Elegant Themes club to gain access to the divi page builder plugin. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as there are other advantages and prices start at just $89 per year.

You also get access to five other plugins, including

Not only that, but your $89 gets you access to all 87 Elegant Themes themes. These themes include Divi, as well as any new ones launched during your membership year. To be honest, only the Divi and Extra themes Will appeal to you, as the other options are outdated.

Features Of The Divi WordPress Visual Page Builder

The Divi Page Builder is now available as a standalone plugin. You can use it with any WordPress theme, not just Elegant Themes ones.

Visual Content Editor With Drag-And-Drop

Divi Builder began as a back-end page builder, but it has evolved into a full front-end visual editor. Rather than working in the back end or WordPress Dashboard part of your website, you’ll be able to live to edit the front end. You can edit it using a WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) interface with this upgrade.


Content Module Selection That Works

More than 30 configurable content modules are a part of the divi page builder plugin WordPress. And you can place them into your column and row layouts. That’s a big number, but are they genuinely helpful?

You can find the following in the content module:

Divi Page Builder Role Widgets

A/B Testing Tool For Divi Builder Plugin Website

It’s nice to have so much creative control over your WordPress site. But it can be difficult to predict how your changes will affect your users’ behavior. While you may believe that your bespoke layout and distinctive color scheme would impress your visitors. Also, you can lead to higher conversions, your visitors may disagree.

Fortunately, the divi builder plugin contains a handy function that allows you to test your designs. The purpose is to evaluate how well they work with your target demographic. You may test multiple contents and design variations with the Divi Lead A/B testing. And you can use a conversion optimization tool to determine which one delivers the best conversion rate.

Library Of Pre-Made Website And Page Layouts Expanding

Divi Builder, as we’ve seen, empowers non-web designers to develop powerful page designs without the need for technical knowledge.

If the design isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry: this Divi page builder plugin includes a large number of high-quality pre-made layouts. Thus these may be used as-is or as the basis for your bespoke designs.

There were 106 pre built website layout packs to pick from at the time of writing, with 791 unique page layouts. 

Divi WordPress Visual Page Builder Editorial Role

The role editor in Divi Builder makes it simple to control which types of users have access to the various elements of the builder. You’ll love this function if you have co-authors posting for your site. And if you don’t want them to start generating custom layouts for their entries.

Exit Strategy For The Divi Theme

If you’re already using the Divi theme, which includes Divi Builder, then it’s perfect for you. The good news is that this plugin allows you to move themes without losing all of your custom designs and page layouts.

You now have an exit plan for leaving the Divi Page builder theme behind by enabling the divi page builder plugin on your site. While moving away from the Divi theme (not that there’s any reason to stop using the Divi theme, but it’s great to have options).

Divi Builder’s Highlights 

While the divi page builder plugin has a lot of fantastic capabilities, there are a few aspects of it.

Content That Extends To The Full Width Of The Screen

A design element used for great success on some well-known blogs is the ability to display full-width photos. And you can also display other types of content (that extend beyond the margins of the post container).

Duplication Of Elements Is Easy

You can copy the parts you’ve developed for your layouts. As well as save them for reuse on any other site using the Divi Theme or the divi page builder plugin. Simply clicking the cloned symbol duplicates that element, which you may then alter, saving you time and work.

A Large Number Of Options And Settings

Almost every module you can add to your layouts can be entirely customized to your specifications. Each module has a plethora of parameters that determine how it looks and performs. You can work allowing you complete control over the appearance of your website. From the overall design to individual posts and pages, you can get so many modules.

Any WordPress Theme Will Work With It

You might be able to find a WordPress theme that doesn’t like the Divi Builder. But most well-coded mainstream themes tend to get along just well with it.

Working with full-width or full-screen modules and layouts was the only area where the Divi Builder didn’t perform as intended.

Divi Page Builder Plugin Review: Final Thoughts

Divi Builder got some new modern features such as

  • a front-end visual editor
  • additional modules
  • more layouts, making it an even more appealing WordPress page builder tool than before.


Divi Builder is a flexible tool that can be used to create any type of website using WordPress, Thanks to its large selection of high-quality customizable page layouts and more than 30 content modules that can be added to your posts and pages.

Pro and Cons

Grow Business
Fast Checkout
Unique Elements

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