Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin Review & Complete Guide

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Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin Review & Complete Guide

Duplicating a WordPress website entails backing it up as well as restoring it to a new place.

When you change web hosts and need to restore your website on a new server, you may need to replicate your website in this way, and depending on your arrangement, you may also need to duplicate your domain name.

You may execute modifications safely before publishing them to your live website by cloning a live website to a staging environment, and having an exact clone of your website is also useful for basic testing.

WordPress has a helpful guide that explains how to manually migrate WordPress. Manually replicating your website to a new location isn’t difficult, but backing up and restoring your WordPress database and files to a new location can be time-consuming.

This is why the majority of website owners utilize a WordPress plugin to build a clone of their site; WordPress migration plugins make duplicating and relocating a WordPress website to a new location much easier. Because millions of WordPress sites use such plugins, they’re extremely popular.

Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Duplicator is, without a doubt, the most powerful WordPress website migration plugin available. It offers a free version as well as a few paid plans.

Duplicator is widely regarded as the greatest WordPress migration plugin available.

Duplicator is simple to use and understand, so even if you don’t have much technical experience, you should be able to transfer a site without difficulty. It will only take a few steps, regardless of which method you use.

You will get guidelines through the migration process by the built-in wizard. So to begin, you must first create a website migration package and download it to your computer, along with an installer script.

After that, you’ll need to perform the wizard by uploading the installation script and the above-mentioned package to the new place, whether it’s a new host or server.

Speciality Of WordPress Page Duplicator

WordPress administrators can use the Duplicator plugin to move, copy, or clone a WordPress site from one location to another.

With this plugin, you can forget about backing up your database, plugins, and themes, as well as relocating all of these components (in whole or part), because the WordPress Duplicator can handle it all!

Even if you are a complete beginner with little to no experience, this plugin can effortlessly transfer your WordPress site from localhost to Cloudways. You will, however, need to understand how to locate your database credentials and relevant information.

Major Benefits Of Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

WordPress Duplicator Pro

You can try Duplicator for free and never spend a penny, or you can pay for one of four paid plans if you find it useful and require more features. You should consider upgrading to Duplicator Pro if you have three or more websites and plan to expand. Because most users only have three websites, they stick to the essential functionality. If you choose to pay, you will receive the following:

  • Drag-and-drop installations — simply drag an archive to the desired location!
  • Backups regularly
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon S3, and FTP/SFTP are all options for cloud storage.
  • A special two-step streamlined installer option for super-quick setups
  • In one fell swoop, migrate a complete multisite WordPress network.
  • Create a new standalone website from a multisite subsite.
  • Also, the installer uses the cPanel API to create databases and users.
  • Directly connect to cPanel from the installer
  • Notifications via email
  • Assistance from a professional

Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin – Pricing

You can get this duplicator pro plugin in four different packages. These packages are as follows:

Personal: $59

Freelancer: $79

Business: $129

Gold: $359

Transferring WordPress Sites To Production Servers 

You’ll need two things to migrate your WordPress website from localhost to another server.

How To Use Duplicator Plugin WordPress?

Duplicator– WordPress Migration and Backup Plugin is designed to help you migrate your WordPress site from one server to another with little to no downtime. For a smooth migration with Duplicator, follow these steps.

1. Prep For Your Migration

Plan your strategy properly before the relocation to minimize the possibility of any unexpected roadblocks. To ensure a seamless migration, follow these preliminary steps:

  • Create a new hosting account. Also, check to see whether your new host provides free migration help.
  • Make a list of your website’s resources and decide which ones you wish to move.
  • Create a migration schedule for your migration that includes realistic timescales.
  • If you’re sending sensitive information, research any applicable security regulations and make sure you follow them.
  • If necessary, upgrade to the most recent version of PHP. PHP version 5.3 or later is required for Duplicator.


2. Install The Duplicator Plugin

Select Plugins > Install New from your WordPress dashboard and search for “Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin” to add Duplicator to your existing WordPress site. Install the plugin and turn it on. You’ll notice a new Duplicator option in your dashboard panel once it’s been activated.

3. Build Your Package

Select Duplicator > Packages, then in the top right corner, Create New. Then click Next to name your package. Duplicator will examine your website for problems.

Click the Build button once the scan is complete and successful. Your packaging will be created by Duplicator.

4. Download Your Package

Select the One-Click Download option once the backup file has been created. This saves your backup file as well as the installer.php to your device. Installer.php will assist you in setting up your package on your new server.

5. Create A Backup File

When making major changes to your site, it’s usually a good idea to make a backup to avoid losing data. Simply make a backup of your package and keep it safe for the duration of the migration.

6. Create A Database On Your New Web Server

To put your WordPress files on your new server, you’ll need to build a database. This is done most easily with cPanel, the administrative panel utilized by the majority of well-known web hosting companies.

7. Upload Your Duplicator Package To Your New Host

You can upload your Duplicator package once you’ve set up a database. It’s not necessary to set up WordPress on your new server first.

8. Point Your Domain To Your New Host

Duplicator has completed its task by rebuilding your site on a new host. To drive users to your new host, all you have to do now is update your domain name.

9. Check That Your New Site Works

While you transition hosts, your visitors should not notice any changes to your site. Your site should have no downtime during the migration if there are no serious issues, and all of your content should look the same.

Duplicator has gained its stellar reputation as an easy-to-use, free, and secure WordPress plugin. After all, copying and pasting your WordPress site to another location shouldn’t be difficult.


Duplicator WordPress Migration Plugin Review & Complete Guide– The Verdict

Duplicator is an excellent tool for migrating, copying, and relocating WordPress sites.

The plugin is simple to use for both technically-savvy users and those who are new to the field. This WordPress plugin is dependable and commendable because it offers backup as an option and ensures that there will be no downtimes, crashes, or hiccups.

Having a more advanced feature with the subscription plans can be a huge time saver for business owners who like to spend less time fiddling with their websites and more time launching them. We have no choice but to suggest Duplicator.

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