iThemes Security WordPress Plugin | Security Plugin Review & Guide

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iThemes Security WordPress Plugin | Security Plugin Review & Guide

WordPress is, in fact, a fairly secure CMS straight out of the box. So it receives regular upgrades to address any bugs or security flaws that may develop.

Because of its immense popularity, it’s also one of the most targeted content marketing networks by hackers.

Most users are not security specialists, despite their best attempts to keep their sites secure. Also, they may be unaware of security best practises. And, as a result of their actions, unwittingly expose vulnerabilities (or lack of action).

Every website is at risk. And hackers target a wide range of websites, not only to steal data but also to disseminate malicious code to your users.

And site hacking can be a major setback that is tough to overcome. You must not only rebuild your hacked site, but you must also repair the harm to your reputation. Hence in the future, your users may have a hard time trusting your website.

iThemes Security Review – In A Nutshell!

The plugin aims to address major security vulnerabilities while also safeguarding your site from hacks, viruses, and breaches. And it adds an extra layer of security to your WordPress site. The purpose of this addition is to make it nearly impossible for internet criminals to compromise it.

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin – Pricing

iThemes security WordPress plugin’s pro version is available in three packages. The price of this amazing iThemes security plugin started from $80 per year. However, its free version is also available with various top-notch features.

The theme WordPress security plugin has 3 packages. All these packages provide one-year support and updates.

The packages are:

  • Blogger at $80 per year – provides 1 site’s license
  • Small business at $127 per year– provides 10 site’s license
  • Gold at $199 per year– provides unlimited site’s license

iThemes Security Free Vs Pro

After you’ve completed the installation, go to the “Security” tab to have immediate access. With this, you get access to a variety of useful features and options. You’ll have more or fewer options depending on whether you have the free or premium version.

All of the features of the free version are accessible in the PRO version as well. However, PRO features are only available in the premium edition of the iThemes Security plugin.

iThemes WordPress Security Free Version

  • File Change Detection – Scans your WordPress site for unexpected changes to files and pages.
  • Notification Center — allows you to receive iThemes Security Pro alerts, messages, and news directly to your mailbox.
  • File Permissions — this feature allows you to grant permissions to other IP addresses, such as those belonging to employees, members, VIP members, and others.
  • Hide Backend — Change the name of the login page and disable access to wp-login.php and wp-admin.
  • Security Check — determines whether you’re using the iThemes Security’s features and settings.
  • 404 Detection – Automatically blocks suspicious IP addresses that are performing unusual actions on your WordPress site.
  • Database Backups – Generates database backups for your website. Backups can be created regularly as well as at your request.
  • Global Settings — Basic choices for configuring iThemes Security Pro’s functionality.
  • Admin User — A powerful tool that deletes users with the username “admin” or the user ID “1.”
  • Away Mode — Turns off WordPress accessibility and then turns it back on at a predetermined interval.

iThemes Security Pro Plugin

  • Magic Links – Use a Magic Link to get around lockouts.
  • Malware Scan Scheduling – Use automated malware scans to keep your site safe.
  • Passwordless Login — Allows users to log in without using a password.
  • Privilege Escalation – Allow administrators to temporarily grant more access to a site used for a set period via Privilege Escalation.
  • Two-Factor Authentication — By requiring additional information in addition to your username and password to log in, Two-Factor Authentication significantly improves the security of your WordPress user account.
  • User Logging — Keep track of user actions such as logins, content saves, and so on.
  • Check for User Security – Every user on your site has an impact on overall security. Examine how your users are affecting your security and take appropriate action when necessary.
  • Version Control – Keep your site safe from old software that isn’t updated rapidly enough
  • Trusted Devices (Beta) – Trusted Devices recognizes the devices that users use to log in and allow them to impose additional restrictions on unfamiliar devices.

Wp iThemes Security – Setting Up

Make a thorough backup of your site before installing the iThemes Security plugin and enabling any of its security features. This is because the plugin makes modifications to your database and site files, which can cause issues with your site in rare instances.


You’ll notice a notification to activate iThemes Brute Force Network Protection, which is free, after installing and activating the plugin. And this connects you to the iThemes network, which prevents known brute force attackers from logging in to your site.

To acquire the free API key, simply enter your email address.

You may now go to Security » Settings and select the security features you want to enable.

With all of the options available, looking at the settings screen can be a little overwhelming:

However, you’ll note that only some alternatives are displayed, while the more sophisticated options are hidden.

Each item contains a brief description of its function. So you have complete control over which ones you enable and configure.

It’s simple to enable features with an Enable button: simply click the button, and it’s done.

To get started with features that have a Configure Settings button, you may need to examine settings or fill out a few selections.

For more help, you can download the Installation guide here.

Support & Documentation Of Wp iThemes Security

The plugin dashboard’s instructions make it easy to understand what each option accomplishes. And the FAQ covers the most frequent problems and how to solve them.

Community support is available for the free version of the plugin on the support forums, where users are actively helping one another.

Users of iThemes Security Pro have access to official development assistance.

iThemes Security WordPress Plugin – The Verdict

We feel that adding a security plugin is beneficial to all WordPress websites. The only choice is which is the most appropriate for your website.

The goal of iTheme Security Pro was to protect websites from typical dangers. No security plugin can protect you from every attack. Due diligence and good practices are required. This plugin makes it easy to put these precautions in place.

WordPress sites require a comprehensive security strategy that includes a reputable resource such as iThemes Security Pro. WordPress now runs more than 35% of all active websites, and it has always been a popular target for hackers and scammers.

Now is the time to increase the security of your WordPress site or WooCommerce store. iThemes Security Pro can assist you in ensuring the security of your website. And it resolves typical problems that you may not be aware of.

Its additional degree of security provides you with peace of mind. Even if you’re not familiar with security lingo or best practices, we found the iThemes Security plugin to be simple to use. It describes each function on your dashboard in detail. While there are numerous alternatives, they are presented in a way that is not overwhelming.


The finest WordPress security plugin is iThemes Security. iThemes’ security experts designed this wp security plugin. The plugin protects and secures your WordPress site against all security risks, giving you peace of mind. Also, it’s easy to use even if you’re a newbie because it’s straightforward and user-friendly.

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