WPBakery Vs Elementor | Which One Is Better?

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WPBakery Vs Elementor | Which One Is Better?

Many people choose WordPress because it is simple to use and has a wide range of customization options. It only takes a few mouse clicks to make changes to your website. Thanks to page builders like Elementor page builder and WP Bakery, this has become more popular and easier. So here is a comparison of both these page builders.

It wasn’t always easy to make modifications to your WordPress website. To personalize the site to your needs in the past, you needed knowledge and abilities.

There are now a plethora of WordPress widgets and tools available for customizing WordPress sites. Since the introduction of page builders, new customization strategies have emerged.

WP Bakery Vs Elementor – What’s The Difference

Overview Of Elementor Page Builder

Elementor’s popularity has grown as a result of its many features and ease of use. It;s PRO version allows you to quickly build and design high-quality, professional websites.

The plugin has a live mode that allows you to see changes in real time. Also it includes a history of all modifications you’ve made to your site’s pages, as well as unique elements and a large library of pre-built templates.

Overview Of WP Bakery

WP Bakery is the most popular page builder for WordPress, and it includes both front-end and back-end editors, which are regarded to be its distinguishing qualities.

You may control your website and design the layout using the drag and drop technique with the help of this page builder. This page builder is simple to use and access and it does not require any technical or programming experience.

WP Bakery  Vs. Elementor – Pricing Options

Elementor is a free page builder that lets you alter everything on the front end and see results right away (you see how your changes will look live on your site). A Pro edition is also available for $49 for one site, $99 for three sites, and $199 for unlimited sites.

WPBakery page builder is a premium plugin that gives you complete control over your website and allows you to create whatever layout you want with no effort. Now WPBakery is $45, but it comes free with every premium WordPress theme you purchase for your project. This page builder is included with the majority of WordPress premade templates.

WPBakery Page Builder Vs Elementor – Key Features

Elementor Page Builder Features

Elementor has a number of innovative and easy-to-use features that allow users to construct both simple and complicated layouts with a variety of design and functionality options. You’ll be able to swiftly construct pages in no time.

A Massive Widgets Library

One of Elementor’s most important features is the Widgets Library. Without a subscription version, it gives nearly 30 widgets for free, and with a premium version, you may add even more widgets.

Even if you don’t upgrade to the premium plan, you’ll have to develop and design a full-fledged page.

Editing In Real Time

This capability is available in a number of different page builders, although they occasionally fail to display the website’s live display. Elementor, on the other hand, has a snappy interactive design that makes editing a lot easier.


This function allows you to undo things if you mistakenly erase an entire row or if you need to fix something.

WPBakery Features

WP Bakery is a one-of-a-kind plugin that aids you in managing your account’s and content’s content. It also helps you create page layouts in a short amount of time without requiring any coding or technical experience.

Frontend/Backend Editor That Is Easy To Use

You will be able to benefit from good inline editing, which allows you to quickly and easily change the layout of a page. Using the well-known WYSIWYG editor, you can instantly see the changes and changes you make to the layout.

Several Themes

WP Bakery is a page builder that can be used with any type of WordPress theme. This means that if you want to change your theme, you don’t have to transition from one build to another.

WP Bakery makes it simple to work with WordPress websites without the need to learn new tools for each one.

WordPress Responsive Websites

WP Bakery will take care of your website’s responsiveness automatically, so you won’t have to. This page builder will adjust your website to various gadgets in real time, and you can even view it in the browser window.

WP Bakery Vs Elementor – Setting Controls


Elementor provides a number of simple control options. Selective elements can be used with this top notch plugin at your leisure. It also includes various tools with pre-installed styling. It includes a translation component that is ready to use. In addition, it gives you access to global settings.

WP Bakery

WPBakery is a page builder that offers a variety of options and unique aspects in addition to meeting all of the fundamental needs. WP Bakery, like other page builders, allows you to employ chosen elements.

It includes ready-to-use translation settings as well as built-in or default stylistic options. It also gives you global settings that are essential.

Tie For First Place

Both Elementor and WP Bakery provide setting options in their own unique ways, and both have a setting control structure that is quite comparable. As a result, even if you choose one of them, there may not be a significant difference in terms of setting control.

Elementor Vs WPBakery Comparison – Customization Options


Elementor has around 80 different elements to choose from. It comes with a pricing table where you can learn about the different pricing options, a separator, a flipbox, animated headlines, and some external WooCommerce Elements.


More than 80 elements are available in WPBakery.

It also includes a pricing table, animated headline, flipbox, divider, and other WooCommerce elements, as well as a button group, dual button, and a timeline that organises and preserves all of your sequential operations.

WPBakery Is The Customization Winner

When comparing the page builder elements given by Elementor and WPBakery, WPBakery is considered to be the superior of the two, as it supports changeable elements and slightly more elements than Elementor. But: Elementor has more options from third party addons, such as Essential Addons for Elementor or ThePlusAddons..

Elementor Vs WPBakery Comparison – Editing Options


Elementor offers front-end editing, which is essential in the editing process. It also includes responsive editing, which allows you to see the pages as they will appear on the page interface and make changes.

Elementor also allows you to alter and save templates whenever you want.

WP Bakery

WPBakery is the slowest plugin for front-end editing, however it does give you a backup that can be used as an alternative. WPBakery provides back-end editing, which is a replacement for front-end editing and is a unique editing function offered by WPBakery.

Elementor Is The Winner

Between Elementor and WPBakery page builders, Elementor is thought to have a more user-friendly interface. WPBakery, on the other hand, offers a unique back-end editor that just a few people find simple.

So, if you’re wondering which one serves well, you’ll have to look into it based on your preferences.

Final Thoughts: WP Bakery Vs Elementor

According to this comparison, Elementor is the safer option of the two. As it comes with a fair collection of features that are simple to obtain and use. So Elementor page builder also comes with a frighteningly simple free version that you may try out. Even though it has only a finite number of features.

WPBakery, on the other hand, is one of the most popular page builders because it was the first plugin. It contains a lot of scary features that make it difficult to pick and choose between them. If you want to construct and build a very advanced website, WPBakery is a good place to start.

As previously stated, the best way to pick between the two is to investigate each one separately and then discover which one best suits your needs.


As a web designer myself, I have had little experience with WPBakery, but all the more with Elementor. I do customer projects only with Elementor, because with the Pro version you can create templates super fast, and thus save work. This page is also created with Elementor!

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